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Why does this nursing grad hear a trumpet in Nicaragua?
Image of Lee Folk, a Robert Morris University School of Nursing student who went to Nicaragua for engaged learning.

I remember being where you are, thinking about colleges, and never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I might go to the poorest country in Central America with my classmates.

Dr. Ross takes a dozen or more nursing students there a few times a year, and I had to think hard about going – the first time. Oh, yeah, I’ve been back, because the first time changed my life.

So I have a lot of /stories. One of my favorites is David, and his trumpet.
How it was stolen, how we got him a new one, and what this meant in his life.

So many things happen, so quickly, and you learn that when you give to people, they really give back. They’re unforgettable.

Hey, spend a few minutes with me, ok? Go to my blog, and I’ll share a lot of pictures, too. I would love for you to meet David.